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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Consumers Report

Prior to travel, Leena and Beth spent hours shopping looking for the most convenient traveling accessories to ease the trip. Now after backpacking through Ghana, Africa we can give a pretty good account of what is worth your money and what is not!

* Antibacterial fast drying travel towels - Work wonders, dry in hours, and don't smell musty!! You may consider spending the few extra $ and buying the XXL version Beth found. Leena's size L (the size of a hand towel) left one wanting for a few extra inches of material!

*Exofficio undergarments - Packaging states two pairs, 6 weeks, 10 countries! Truly AMAZING!

*baby wipes, face towelettes, and hand sanitizer - MUST HAVE A LOT! Quick bath on the go.

*100% cotton sleeping bag liners - Great when guest house sheets are questionable!

*space safer bags - if space is an issue, great for condensing clothing size - may leave you a bit wrinkly

*North Face hiking pants - MUST for any traveler! Wash and air dry easily overnight!!!

*Crocs and Keen footwear - Long time Croc wearer Beth made a believer in Leena on the comfortability and ease of Crocs!!! Keens are great too but claim to have a odor shield that does not work!

*Food: peanut butter, almonds, granola bars, tea bags, easy mac candy - PACK AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!

*travel kleenex - Crucial when traveling to areas where restrooms can be anywhere and available toilet paper unreliable

*40% deet bug spray, sunblock - VERY IMPORTANT

*baseball hat - truly the only thing we never used and sent back with Steve!

*small travel lantern/flashlight - when sharing a room, in case of electricity loss, or walking out at night CRUCIAL

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