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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What you survive can only make your stronger. Right?

What is or is not acceptable hotel accommodations?

When you pay for a hotel, there are some basic accommodation expectations. Throw those out the window when traveling on a budget to Ghana! Lizards become sleeping companions, bathroom doors become null, clean sheets not an option, shower curtains are a luxury, toilet paper is on your own dime, and when paying for hot water and AC don't count on it - just hope you have running water!

Here is a glimpse of what we have encountered so far:

Accra Hotel #1: no running water results in showering and flushing toilets with buckets

Damango Guest House: shower head falling off the wall (watch out from above!), ceiling fan barely rotates, ants galore, toilet spraying out everywhere when flushed, the 5AM call to prayer wake up call, and the sheep/goats/dogs/roosters calling out all times of day or night (just when we told the doctor no rabies shots were needed because we wouldn't be around stray animals!).

Tamale Guest House: dim bedroom lighting (could only have been 5 watts illuminating the room), the toilet so cramped in the bathroom your feet were in the shower when using, the janky front door lock falling the door, the ceiling caving in, and the bathroom floor made of unfinished concrete.

Winneba Guest House: TRULY A GEM!!! Clean floors and sheets, comfortable, kitchen use and private bathroom, separate twin beds, and private indoor common room space.

Cape Coast #1 Hotel: the name of the hotel was called Same Blood - questionable to start off with! Smelled like moth balls (makes sense, they were stuffed in every crevice of the room), the bedroom window was in the stairwell leaving the room bright as day throughout the night, and 1 restaurant in town that had no menu and only three meal options (fufu, banku, and chicken/rice - we never it made it past the rice - very questionable!!!).

Cape Coast #2 Hotel: Had a luxurious hot shower the first night the first in 4.5 weeks - it was a tease because we never had one again, no AC though we paid for it, flowing sheet as a bathroom door (we had to make sure to turn the ceiling fan off before using the facilities to avoid being exposed - though it brought us to a whole new level of bonding - conversations just continued without the barrier), and trickling detached shower head.

Accra Hotel #2: LUXURY - we are staying our final night in Africa in the beautiful Holiday Inn the equivalent to a Chicago or New York facility. HOT WATER, SEPARATE DOUBLE BEDS, RESTAURANT DOWNSTAIRS POOLSIDE WITH A BREEZE OFF THE OCEAN, ETC.!!!

Survivors, Beth and Leena

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