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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rejuvinating with supplies from home!!!

As luck would have it, Steve (Beth's spouse) had some business in Accra, Ghana and came over to Africa for a few days (July 19-22). Lucky us, we had a few supply requests from home to rejuvenate us!!! The SURVIVAL KIT included the following:

*1 large suitcase (to pack up the souvenirs we have purchased and ship it home with Steve)
* 2 boxes EasyMac (it tastes amazing when you haven't eaten macaroni and cheese in a month!)
* 4 boxes of 18 count Granola bars
*1 pound bag of wasabi and soy sauce flavored almonds
*1 small container of chocolate covered almonds
* 1 bag of star burst
* 1 bag of dove chocolates
* 1 bag of assorted chocolates

----we did share too!!!
Eating well now, Beth and Leena

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