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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If you are breaking chairs....are you really losing weight??

We could have sworn we have been losing weight - eating less, pants are baggier, and walking everywhere. But then, the eve of Tuesday, July 20th the truth came out...dun dun dun! As we were sitting in our common space in our guest house relaxing, talking and just enjoying our quiet evening to ourselves Leena noticed a bit of a wobble in her chair. To be fair, the chairs are plastic lawn chairs and look a bit worn. Beth offered to swap one off the three chairs out if she was concerned though Leena declined which would leave her doomed to her fate. Within moments after sitting down Leena went crashing down to the floor; legs & arms flailing & plastic chair pieces flying!!! A HUGE crash brought, Emmanuel (our landlord) running into the guest house concerned for our safety, yelling "are you hurt? Are you okay?" He found Leena on the floor trying to put the unsalvageable plastic chair back together. To sum it up, it was not a pretty sight.

So the question remains- are we really losing weight??

Signed, unhurt-chair crasher Leena and laughing Beth :-)

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